What is the Quick Tub® Conversion System?

It is a unique and inexpensive solution for homeowners who need an easy access shower but want to maintain the option of a fully functional bathtub. No need to buy a new tub – our system utilizes your existing bathtub and consists of a Walk Thru Insert and a Quick Tub Cap. Converting from shower to functional bathtub takes only seconds.


How long does a typical installation take?

A tub-to-shower conversion takes only a few hours. Even with the addition of grab bars, tub benches etc, most installations are completed the same day.


I already have a bathtub that has been converted with a walk thru insert. Will the Quick Tub® cap work with it?

Our one-of-a-kind cap has been designed to work with most every type of walk thru insert, even those of our competitors. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Who can benefit from your system?

Just about anyone, young and old alike. For individuals and families that mostly shower, it creates a safer environment that drastically reduces the potential for slips and falls. It helps seniors or physically-challenged individuals maintain independence in their own home.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

All of our installed products carry a five year warranty. The cap is the exception; it carries a three year warranty with a lifetime warranty on the cap’s seal itself.


Are there any tax credits available for these products?

Yes, all of our products qualify as a medical expense. The CRA may require you to provide a note from your doctor or health provider.

Are you licensed?

Yes, Tub Cuts Plus has a Metro Toronto License.

License No. T85-4291169

What makes your grab bars unique and why are they different?

Our grab bars are made to be used with WingIts® fasteners. All bars have flange covers, so no exposed screw heads and the larger diameters are better for gripping than the smaller 1” grab bars that most of our competitors sell. We also do not sell chrome plated bars; ours are polished stainless steel.


Why do you use WingIts® fasteners?

Grab bars should always be installed with proper support such as wood wall studs or inserted wood blocking. Unfortunately wall studs are rarely in the right location for the end user and they are not found in most high rise buildings, WingIts® fasteners allow us to put the grab bar where you need it. Ask our competition what they use or do?


Where can I see your products?

Call for a free consultation; we bring almost everything to you so that you may see our products first hand. We also have a physical location you can visit by appointment only.